Thursday, August 1, 2013

Randomness of July

Its been awhile since I have posted. Its starting to be just a once a month thing and I really hate that.  I was hoping that since I was off work that I would have more time now to be on here putting all of my ups and downs on here.. but I swear its like I am more busy now that I am not working.. or maybe its just that I don't have as much motivation? I don't know.
That saying that a body in motion stays in motion is so true. I swear that if I am not constantly on the go... I will sit here and just veg and be lazy.  Anyone who know's me knows that is not me at all. I am always busy doing something.  I do think about getting on here at least once a day and sometimes more... I just don't have the energy or motivation to get up and go across the room to get the laptop, turn it on, get to blogger, and type. Crazy!!!!  Ugh. I will try and be better with this, but no promises.
This past month has been good. We went down to Disney with my parents. I got to spend some time with my step brother and his wife. We celebrated my brother's birthday at the zoo, which was a lot of fun. I got to spend a lot of time with friends and my family. I am really enjoying not working right now. It is really nice to be able to spend time with others, and not be rushed or worry about taking a day off of work.
I will post soon about our trip. Got a ton of pics! :-)
The kids will be going back to school at the end of the month. I am looking forward to that... but also worrying about it.  They are going to a new school.  Neither of them will know anyone.  I am going to have them ride the bus and the sad thing is they won't be able to ride together because they will be going to two different buildings and at two different times. :-(  I am really hoping that I made the right choice with switching their schools.  
I am also worrying about when I start back working... how are they going to be able to get to the bus stop? Who is going to pick them up from the bus stop?? How am I going to handle all of that.  I just have to put all of that into God's hands and let him show me to how to take care of it all.
The past couple weeks I haven't felt as close to God as I had in the last month or so. I have been slacking on going to church, reading the word, worshiping... I need to get back on that.  :-(

Alright. I need to get dressed and house cleaned up and all that before I head to the docs.  Sorry it isn't the greatest post.. and just it s mush of different random things in my head at the moment... but hey- at least its something!! lol.

Blessings N Love

Overthinking Mama

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  1. I have same problem. I start to write then I stop. Just no ambition. Thankfully we don't try to do this for a living huh? Maybe you can start a new career as a blogger? Can't wait for the pictures.

    Don't worry, things will fall in place. Saying a prayer for you!


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