Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bedtime routines

I couldnt even focus on God time today because I actually had the motivation to blog this morning!!! This hasn't happened in forever.  So I am listening to some great worship music and I am pouring out my thoughts ... well some of them..  on here. :-)

Last night wasn't a great bedtime night. The kids are having a rough time getting into the routine of things.  Lil Man doesnt believe he should have a bed time. "He's not a baby anymore" He doesn't need a bed time. He can get up when he's supposed to.   yea... he's 10. He's getting a bedtime. 

Our bedtime routine for school was this: 
830- get snacks, drinks etc.
845-quiet time 
900 bed time

Yea... our routine is more like... 830 i start telling them if they want a snack. go get it.  845 still telling them. 900 threatening them with something to get their snacks. 915 finally getting into bed. 930 getting out of bed cuz they forgot something. 
Its very stressful!! 

Last night baby girl didnt go be sleep till after 1045. She just sat in her room and cryed for most of that time.saying she wanted something to drink.. she wanted a snack.. when she had already had both... then came them im starving mom. im thirsty mom... ugh.  

So starting tonight.  Games are getting shut off at 830. period.  I don't care if we don't get home till 815. Games off at 830.  Then is snack time and we will have some quiet time together, reading the bible or just talking or watching a quick show on tv or what not. 845/900 we will start heading to bed for tuck in and prayers.  Lil man is already throwing a fit saying he doesnt want to have quiet time with us. UGH. 

I just keep praying for my babies.  We have had our fair share of struggles in the past 5 years with bedtimes, school, behavior, hissy fits, etc....  We have finally made progress.. I refuse to go back.  I am not sure I can handle going back. lol.  

anywho... its time to get the munchkins up!!! 

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama 

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