Friday, December 9, 2011

Realization Friday!

I am finally on time for once!!!

Its Friday Ya’ll!!!

Planning on getting the tree up this weekend and decorating the house! J  Going to a play with a friend tonight and a friend of hers church.  Sunday I am def. going to church. Its been too long!! 

Anywho, with out further prolonging this…

This week I have come to realize:

~ that I really suck at remember thoughts.  I will have a really great blog written in my head… and by the time I sit down to type it up… its gone.

~  life never really seems to go the way you think it should or want it to.

~  that some guys are really needy. Wow.

~   that I really need to get on this whole Christmas shopping thing… I kinda suck this year!!!

~  that anymore I am having a hard time connecting and having feelings towards someone…

~  that it is really hard to take the wall down.

~  that I don’t know what I would do with out my best friend!!!

~ The Lord is so good to me. He has helped me so much lately so differently than I ever would. 

~ That with out the Lord…. I would be nothing.

Have a great weekend!!!

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama


  1. Your Friday posts are one of the things I have missed in the last 3 months that I was away from blogging.


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