Monday, July 27, 2009

Sacrifices. How much is too much?

Before I got into a new relationship.. I told my self what i wanted and what i didnt want.
a guy with a job, car, phone, own place, secure, not jealous or over bearing, a sweet heart, a Christian, has to like kids, a family man
Didnt want:
A guy to take advantage of me, with 50 kids with 50 diff women that he NEVER seen, a man who wouldnt be able to do things for me, a man would expected me to do everything for him, a man that smoked, drinked more than socially, did drugs, was undependable...

What happens tho if when you meet a man that has everything that you want but also the things you dont. What happens if you have deep feeling for this person but find out they had more of the things you dont want. Do you stay with him becuase he does have those good points? or Do you say good bye?

How much are you willing to sacrifce for your own happiness? And can you truely be happy with someone that had any of the things that you do not want in your relationship? Where is the line drawn? When do you get to the point where you have to stand your ground and just say... i dont want this or that in my relationship so I can not be with you even tho you are perfect in every way...
Or can you over look the small things or not so small things because of all of the other good things that you do have in the relationsip? Just focus on the good and not dwell on the negative?

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