Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Im the odd ball

I have come to realize... that I think differently than most of my friends.

I have always been (or id like to think) an open minded person. I am down to earth and I try to take pleasure in every situation... even the most difficult.

In just the last year or so tho... my thoughts have changed some... I can see good in even the most depressing situation. I can see God working. I can look back at my life and see how the Lord has walked with me though the hardest times. How he's brought me into peoples life for a reason... or why he has brought them into mine.

I am so thankful for even the long sleepless nights of my dark depression... because it has made me stronger. I thank him for the jerks in my life because they have made me realize a great guy that I have now. My past has made me stronger, more loyal, more understanding, more loving, a better woman, mother, friend, girlfriend and hopefully one day a better wife . Most people resent their past or at least the downfalls of their past. I am grateful for mine... the downfalls in my life weakened me... and made me open for Jesus to come in and make me stronger. With out the downs in my life... I wouldn't be saved.

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