Tuesday, October 7, 2008


When you are in a relationship... Can you still be friends and hang out with the opposite sex?

Do you have to give up your best friends just because they are a boy or a girl? Do you have to stop hanging out with them on a one and one basis just because you got a new "love" ? Is it disrespectful to your new "love" to hang out with your friend? What if you have been intimate with this friend? Does that change things?

I want to get opinions on this...

I think as long as there is trust there... It should be ok for you to still hang out with your friends... male or female... as long as trust hasnt been broken and as long as the friend comes around the love interst and is at least considerate and respectful to your love interest...

Does your love interest have the right to ask you not to hang out with someone that you have been friends with before them? To tell you who you should and should not hang out with?

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