Monday, October 20, 2008


Should you be 100%honest with someone... especially the person you are in love with? Even when you know it will hurt them? Should you tell them exactly whats on your mind all the time?

Do you want someone to be completely honest with you? Tell you when they are having feelings for someone else? Tell you that they dont know if they can be with you. Tell you that they are unhappy? Can you handle the truth?

I have always wanted people to be honest with me... and I still do.. It may hurt like hell... but I would rather know the truth than to keep going living a lie only to learn about it in the future... after you have put in your time... your heart...

I understand somethings maybe shouldn't always be be told.. Somethings should be hidden... like you think that girl is hot or something... you think she's gained weight... you think she is an idiot... etc...

But if its major. It should be told.


  1. Honesty is important in an relationship. without it, there can not be a relationship. If the two people involved are meant to be, whether for the moment or for a life-time, than honestly is just there. it is just there! No reason to lie or be dishonest. Why would you? why would you want to hurt that person? it's normal to look at another person of the opposite sex and think, wow, nice butt, nice legs, etc. In a good relationship, you can even express that feeling and laugh about it with your "Friend". Would you discuss it with your girlfriend, boyfriend? yes, you probably would, so why not with your BEST Friend, the person you are having a relationship with. There is a line in all relationships that neither should cross over, whether in words or in actions. You defind those lines early on, or sometimes you just know them...things you would not say or do. Remember, God is watching you and talking to you. Just listen, feel it in your conscious, in your gut. Throw out the garbage and just listen.

  2. I think honesty is always the best policy!!! I have never been one to hide my feelings or thoughts. No matter the topic or to who I am talking to.A lot of people take it as I am a b*tch. Perhaps I am, but that is me. Recently, I went thru a HUGE ordeal with my husband and to quickly sum it up, early October, he went out like always, and didnt come home for 2 days. (living in a small town, and knowing everyone, I knew exactly where he was and who he was with) ok, point of that was when he came home and we talked, he looked me dead in the eye and told me he doesnt love me and that he wants a divorce. It did hurt to hear him say that to me, but on the same hand, I knew how depressed he was, plus battling alcoholism. I didnt believe him. I let him move out and within a week of being gone with out me calling him or what not, he came to our home and cried with me and appologized and we laid out the ground work for what needs to happen if we are to stay together.

    Ok, not sure if that went with what you were asking... basically, you should always be honest! No matter what! You (or the other person) dont have to be mean about it, say it outright, but always choose your words wisely. Dont sugar coat words.


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