Tuesday, July 1, 2008

the things lil boys do...

Went to lunch today with my daddy... I love my dad. He's great. He's hilarious. He's a typical grumpy perverted old man!
Today we were talking about our childhoods... and he was telling me about some of the things that he did as a lil kid...
Like making his younger brother piss on an electrical fence for a quarter.... as his bro was peeing, the electrical current went up to his lil dick and shocked the crap out of him... he went flying backwards and landed in the grass some odd feet away... got up... brushed himself off and walked over to my dad and asked for his quarter!
Another time his older brother whom could hold a lot of electricity would grab onto the electrical fence and then have someone grab on to his hand... and they would go down the row... and aparently the harder you hold on the less shock you get... so this is one time you cant be a pussy and barely touch another dude... the whole idea was to see who could hold on the longest... and apparently the one who held on to the fence got the least amount of shock... then one at the end... got the most... (who does stuff like this?)
Or how him and his brothers and his friends would get together and play "war" with sling shots and bebe guns! and then my dad proceeds to show me where he got hit with a bebe on his forehead... (ok the head trama... that explains a lot!! wonder if he was dropped a couple times on his head too?? hhhmm)
Wonder how he would feel if his grandson was out there doing some of the same things he did as a kid?!

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