Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Negust (negagive august)

I seriously dislike August. The only good thing that happens in August is my mom birthday and my daughters birthday. Other than that, I dislike August.

I don't know why but it has always seemed like the last few years- August has just been a rough month for me. Money always seems extra tight. Something always goes wrong. I am just extra down and depressed.  This August has been no different.  I am feeling a little bit better now than I did the beginning of the month. I guess a lot of it is because we have gotten past the one year anniversary of my dad passing .

A week ago was the worst.  If it could go wrong, it did.  Plus I was depressing thinking about my dad... it just made everything that much more worse.

I am feeling better. I am trying to focus on good things and positive stuff.  Next week I am going to a trade show for my job and then the following week I am going to a trade show for my husbands work. I am really looking forward to both of them. I rarely ever get a break from all of my kids... and to get that much time... its insane.

I need to get myself on a schedule. I have no much that I need to improve. I have been so down and tired lately. I feel so overwhelmed with everything that I need to get done. I need to start getting to the gym at least 3x a week. I need to get my time with the Lord in. I have been seriously neglecting that and I can see how it is effecting my life.  I need to get on a good vitamin and keep at actually taking it.  I need to make time for my school work when that starts up again and make time for my house work, laundry, etc. I need to adjust my kids chores so they can help out a little bit more. I know I will have a fight over it with my son.... but we all have to pitch in.  Working 2 jobs, going to school and now doing home parties for Park Lane Jewelry... I can't do it all alone. I need help.

I know my blog posts are always all over the place. Mainly because that is about how my mind goes most of the days.

I need to finish up here and get back to mom life.

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama

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  1. Hey girl! I know what you mean about August being hard for you. It's the same in my family durin8the month of December. If you need a morning routine, try reading The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. It gives a guide to setting up a routine in the morning so you'll have a productive rest of the day. Tomorrow,I will have a post upon my blog all aboiut it if you want to take a look! Feel better!


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