Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Different mindset on marriage

2016 was a rough year… but truthfully in the midst of all the negativity and struggles, there were a ton of blessings. And even though I feel like 2016 was a horrible year… truthfully- it was a blessed year and that is what I truthfully need to focus on.
The thing that is on my mind today is marriage. My marriage. Its been 2 ½ years so far… and boy was it a rough rollercoaster of a ride.  There were times that I worked my butt off trying to make everything work and then there were times that I seriously just wanted to give up and walk away. One thing I have learned here in the last few weeks- this marriage isn’t about me… it isn’t about my husband. It is about God.  My marriage is a reflection of God’s relationship with us. I am sure that there are many times that if God were human, he would just want to walk away from me and all of my flaw… but thank goodness, he is not human.  I need to reflect that kind of love and patience that the Lord has given to me, in my marriage. I need to show support and nurturing to my husband even when I don’t want to and even when I feel like he don’t deserve it.
I could sit here and list a million things that he does on a daily basis that I take as a personal assult on me, myself. But truthfully, its not. Its my hubby being human. Its him being exhausted, him being tired, him being hurried to be able to spend time with me and our family, its him just wanting to sit down and relax after a hard day at work.  Do I feel like the burden of the house and kids are on my shoulders? Yes. But I am sure he does too or has an equally heavy burden on his.
We all have good days and bad. And thankfully most of my bad days are matched by good days my husband is having. He equals me out. He is the yin to my yang so to speak. 
So the next time I just want to give up and walk away… I need to remember God’s love, patience and grace that he has extended to me- and extend it to my husband and be a reflection of my Lord for the world or at least my kids to see.

Blessings N Love

Overthinking Mama 

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  1. I wish with all my heart I had thought of what you said about not walking away, in my marriage. I did tho and i sure wish I hadn't. Your dad was my bestest friend and too late i realized it. he had his own insecurities and i was so caught up in what i was trying to build for our future, that I didn't see it or take time for him. all I saw was the mistreatment of his toward Ronnie. Learned too late. But my now marriage is ok, just not as deep as the first.


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