Thursday, January 26, 2017

Crap. crap. and more crap.

It has lasted forever it seems!! 

I feel like I haven't feel 100% in forever. 

It started at Christmas. Both the babies got the stomach flu that was going around. Both were up and down all night throwing up. I got the other end of it. On the toilet most of the night and the next morning.  It has been off and on since then. Along with nausea and stomach cramps. It was the worst last Thursday and I finally broke down and got an appt with my doc. She ran some tests and nothing. She wants another test. So we shall see. Now this week... I have a freaking cold or something! Coughing like crazy. Sore throat that feels like there is a huge lump in it when ever I swallow. Every inch of me down to my toes aches. Also, I am freezing. I am sitting here in my winter coat and I am freezing. 

I seriously can't win!! 

Yesterday, I went to my gyno and she found a couple lumps in my breast so I have to go have a mamaogram on monday and she also thinks I have a bladder stone. Lovely huh!? 

So I have just been working and doing what I have to at home and trying to rest..but with 5 kids that is easier said than done. 
I know I will get through it and be better. Just have to tough it out for awhile. 

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama 

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