Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jarritos- Mexican Soda! YUM!


I just got another delivery from Jarritos!!

Back in July I was contacted by Jarritos to try their Mexican Soda. Of course I said sure because I had seen it at my local favorite Mexican restaurant but was always too scared to try it incase I didn’t like it and then would waste the money…

My son, daughter and I tried all the flavors they sent.. and they were all pretty good but my favorite was definitely the Fruit Punch flavor.  I have been meaning to blog about it since then… but life seemed to get in the way and when I would blog.. I just never thought of it L I suck sometimes at that… especially lately. 

But today I received another special delivery from them of more soda and this time instead of sending a tshirt and cd they sent a Mexican wrestling mask and two Mexican wrestling action figures! Lil Man is going to love it!!

Also in my package there was a letter from them asking me to ask you to check out their website as they announce the arrival of their new branding campaign for Jarritos…
So please go to and look around! Listen to what each bottle as to say and be sure to click on the hombre with the movie camera. He will kindly direct you to Fuerte Vision, a new TV channel loaded with Jarritos approved programming. J

you can see the tshirt they sent me in the back round.. i love that shirt!! 

I have nothing but praise for the soda, for the company, and for the wonderful people that work there… So make sure you check them out and enjoy yourself a wonderful tasting soda. J

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama 

ps. also make sure you "like" their facebook page to keep up on the lastest news. :-) 


  1. HAHA I was so confused when I received another package!!! I am very excited though!!! I am dying over the mask they sent....totally going to the boys for their playroom!

  2. Wow...Free and good with gifts. Looks like you hit a home run. You will have to post a pic of Little man in the mask!


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