Saturday, January 4, 2014

depression... still.

I have been struggling so much lately.

I have been dealing with depression hard core.

I have no motivation.

I have no desire for anything... I go through my days just there... waiting and hoping for the next one to be better.

I don't want to be around people... or even hardly talk to anyone.

Most people annoy me.

I just want to curl up in bed and sleep.... and with the opportunity- I do. I just sleep all day.

I know it will get better. I know God has a plan for it all. I know He is here with me and is getting me through this moment.

God is so amazing.  He has gotten me through so many things in life. I know He will help me get through all of this!

He is an amazing God. :-)

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama


  1. My sweet friend. A lot of us know what you are going through. I know it is so hard but try to force yourself to get up, you'll feel better. When I get depressed I go through all the things you are plus I cry at anything. You are on the right path believing God is with you! Hope it fades away soon. Know we all love you. xxxHugs

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!!! love ya!!!

  2. Thank you for having the courage to post about your struggle. I hope you are doing okay and that you know you are not alone.

    1. thank you so much for your support and your kind words. :-) Hugs!!

  3. I hope you know you are not alone. Hugs!

  4. I hope today is brighter, but if not I am praying for you.

    1. Thank you Pam!!! It is really appreciated!!


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