Monday, May 6, 2013


We had an absolutely amazing weekend!! We celebrated lil mans bday on Friday night with a sleep over with a couple of his friends.   It was a fun night!  We had a cook out and tons of snacks for them. We had a fire and smores. 

They jumped/wrestled on the trampoline. Played xbox,. Wrestled in the house. And surprisingly didn't make as big of a mess as I expected. :-)
Tho my son's room is absolutely trashed! haha.  In the morning I made them bacon, eggs, toast, pancakes, and french toast.

After that we went up to the park and played for a bit until the one kid's mom came to pick him up. The other kid ended up staying another night. :-) 

Saturday night my boyfriend Brett cooked us spaghetti for dinner and then we loaded up his van with pillows and blankets and headed off to the drive in movie theater to watch Iron Man 3 and Oz.  Which we only end up watching Iron Man 3.. or I should say baby girl and myself only ended up watching the movie cuz all the boys were out cold!!  So after the first movie we packed back up and headed home again.  

Sunday we went to church and then afterwards Brett invited his buddy over for a cook out.  His buddy ended up cooking for us! :-)  It was nice to have company and just sit back and relax some! After dinner we took the kids to the park and I ended up meeting most of Bretts family.  
We came home and Brett cleaned my house for me!!!  I got a load of laundry into the washer, packed lunches and got baby girl tucked into bed for the night.  Lil man stayed up playing xbox and then brett went and played with him for a bit!  I seriously was in awe!! 

But now its back to reality. 
Hope ya'll have a great Monday and a great week!!!  I know mine is jammed packed, between baseball, getting things for the roof of my garage to be repaired, finish up birthday shopping, and taking lil man out to get his baseball pants, cleats, and socks, AND  celebrating Lil Man's birthday at some point... lol.  Fun Filled day!!!  :-) 

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama

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  1. That is awesome. Happy Birthday to your little man!! I am glad you found someone special!


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