Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Needed Venting

I was supposed to do my #pint (post it note tuesday) and I might still if I have time after this... And also I received a reward from Zack's Hot Tub that I need to do a post on. Ugh... there just isnt enough time or energy in the day for me to do all of this!!!  I keep saying maybe tonite... maybe tonite... but yea... tonite never seems to come... lol. well it does... and then leaves... with even saying a word!

The weekend was great!  Me and the BF went to his cousins fight  on Saturday evening.. That was a lot of fun. I really didn't know what to expect because I have never been to one before... but it was great... sadly his cousin didnt win... but it was a great fight! 

Sunday was Easter! We went to church... the BF, his daughter, and my baby girl... It was really so nice. It felt like what I want deep down.  A family going to church.  After that my daughter went over to her fathers house and stayed for a bit.. Then my son came home and then my daughter... and they got their Easter baskets and we then went over to my moms for dinner and an Easter egg hunt! That wa a lot of fun. I think the kids really enjoyed themselves over there too!  (along with my BF and stepdad)

Monday tho... it was back to reality... and boy did it kick my butt!!!
I woke up to my hot water tank leaking everywhere... I got it shut off and called the insurance company... and they came out to start with the repairs... They tore up my laundry room floor- where the hot water tank it... my kitchen floor- that had to be the hardest thing to watch.. my brand new floor... that I have wanted for 4yrs for.. get torn up with out any mercy... i mean they werent even nice or gentle about it!!  they also tore up my bathroom floor and my hallway carpenting.. tho with the carpeting, they said they wont replace.. they removed the padding from underneith and are drying the carpeting out.. they will put down new padding and then clean the carpets... i dunno.. just seems like its still gonna smell. ugh.
So right now at my house... i have huge industrial dryer fans and dehumidifiers all over my house... it really sucks!!!  I am waiting on my dad's friend to get back with him to find out when I will acutaully be able to get my hot water tank replaced...  UGH!! if it isnt one thing.. its another!  but its good it happened now and now a few months ago.. because I now could actually afford the tank and my deductable... a few months ago... there is no way I could have done it all!

So right now ... i am just really stressed over all of that! When my house is in disarray like it is now... I feel like my life is out of control... and I need that control at least in that lil aspect of my life, in order to stay sane...

I told my BF ... i need a vacation... He said on a beach somewhere... with nothing to do but relax... I said exactly... with a pina colada in one hand... and his in the other.